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On30 Rail Truck Midwest Quarry Galoping Goose 29161Viewed 1982 times
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Along with the financial devastation of the Great Depression, the Rio Grande Southern faced natural disaster as well when a mudslide cut the railroad into two pieces. A divided line severely reduced rail traffic, and the struggle to remain financially solvent in the face of these difficulties inspired the RGS to develop Motor Car #1, a cost-effective solution to severely reduced passenger, freight, and US Mail traffic. Based on the replica of Rio Grande Southern Motor #1 that resides in Colorado’s Ridgeway Railroad Museum, this DCC-equipped Rail Truck heralded for the Midwest Quarry & Mining Co. brings whimsy and realism to narrow gauge modeling. Photo is of prototype Galloping Goose #1. Galloping Goose #1 was built twice, and 6 others were built and modified to include some articulated 3 truck versions. All seven are still in existance and 6 of them are operatinal!

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